Add Your Online Presence

Recently someone asked about selling online and how to get started. Selling online is much more simple than people think. It won’t be the hardest thing you’ve ever done, for sure.

Selling online can be quick and easy. Once you’ve chosen a website service (I recommend Squarespace if you’re new to websites), make sure you promote your new online capabilities to all your current and potential customers. To do this, do all of the following, when time permits: 

1) Text and email all existing customers, if you have their contact information. 

2) Put big signs up at your entrance. Use very few words and then the URL. Example: “Order Online!” Put the website address on its own separate line, so that it’s easy for customers to read it fast. Do the same with corrugated signs you can stick into the ground near busy streets. Physically post it everywhere you can. Hire a sign dancer, if you’re excited about that angle.

3) Get your business on Google Maps. It’s free. Go to google and search for “Google My Business.” Click on the listing. It will take you through a few simple steps. If you’re already on Google Business, add your new website address to your business listing. Now when people search for, say, “pet stores near me,” your business will come up on the map and your website will be listed so customers can click straight to you.

Get your website, put up some posters, and get on Google. You can do this!


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